10 things I learned at Starbucks today…

1. Chicks always get the runaround by dudes when they take their cars in to get fixed.

2.  Sometimes those you don’t know come through better for you than people you have known for years.

3.  Twitter is a very superficial means of communication.

4.  Don Miller and Jim Chaffee are enjoying drinks with umbrellas in a tropical land.

5.  Husbands bring us great _______ (fill in the blank)

6.  When it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

7.  The reduced fat very berry coffee cake may have less calories (a mere 350) , but is not NEARLY as tasty as the pumpkin bread (390 calories.)  Goin’ back to the pumpkin bread.

8.  Antibiotics create not-so-pleasant after-effects.  Especially for chicks.

9.  Apparently, when taking your car to get serviced, the service dudes eat lunch in your car.  My friend, Patsy Penny, has the lunchbox to prove it.

10.  Sitting on the hard chairs in the corner are not recommended.  Go for the comfy ones if you plan to sit here for any length of time — even if they are stained and stinky.


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