35 Things To Do To Grow Your NICE Quotient (And To Spread It On)

In a world that is becoming more and more mean-spirited, it would be behoove us to step back and think about what it means to really be nice. And, when we are nice it makes us nicer, and it is contagious.

Here are a few suggestions I’ve come up with that we can all do (and it won’t even hurt!  Well, some of them might, a little).  I started out with 25 but then kept adding, and I’m sure I’ll add more in the future:

1. Smile at a child and say hello to them, calling them by their name.

2. Pay for the person’s toll in the car behind you.

3. Make someone laugh (but not at others’ expense).

4. When someone starts to gossip about someone, say something nice about that person instead and change the subject.  Or, if you can’t say something nice, change the subject anyway.

5. Make someone feel good about themselves by giving them a true, authentic compliment — not just about their appearance but about a quality in their personality.

6. Post on someone’s facebook wall just to let them know you are thinking about them.

7. Tell someone you will pray for them, and then do.

8. Pray for someone you don’t particularly like.

9. Wave and smile at someone who has let you into the car line. (“Smile and wave, boys, smile and wave…”)

10. Offer to let someone go before you at the grocery store.

11. Tell the waiter/waitress or grocery clerk how well they are doing and how you appreciate their hard work.

12. Send someone a note who has done something nice for you in the past, but you never told them.

Lunchbox note
13. Send a note in your child’s lunch sack.

14.  Refrain from trashing someone on their facebook wall because you don’t agree with their philosophy.

15. Say something funny to the grocery clerk.

16. Treat your child like you would a friend’s child.

17. Treat your husband/wife like someone you are trying to impress.

18. Offer to help someone move, organize a room in their home, or plant a garden bed.

19. Open a door for someone, and give them a sincere smile.

20. Say “Excuse me!” when you walk in front of someone.

21. Teach your boys to open doors for girls and women.

22.  Dudes, open doors for women.

23.  Chicks, when men or boys open doors for you, say “Thank you!”

24. Make someone’s favorite cookies for no reason. peanut butter cookies

25.  Print and frame a photo of a friend’s child that you’ve taken and give it to them.

26. Give someone “grace” when they’ve done something to make you mad.

27.  If you are a “talker”, stop and listen.

28.  Make sure you REALLY listen to the person talking to you.

29.  Don’t laugh at the guys on American Idol trashing the contestants.  Make sure your kids realize that this could be considered bullying.

30. Chicks, take a hard-working mom with you and treat her to a pedicure.

31. Ask a new artist, author or blogger how you can help them promote their work and be successful.

32. Never EVER embarrass your spouse in public.

33. Make sure you give your spouse and children a smooch when they both come in the door and when they leave.  Tell them this is NOT an option.  And, be sure to tell them you love them.

34. Offer to take care of a hard-working mom’s kids for a few hours while she takes a nap.

35.  Let your wife take a nap.

I realize that most of these might be obvious, but it is amazing how we often forget in the midst of our business to do the small things.  And the most important ones start in your own home.  I guarantee that when we make and EFFORT to be kind, others respond IN KIND, and the world is a better place to live!

Please leave comments for other things that you think are NICE!




35 Things To Do To Grow Your NICE Quotient (And To Spread It On) — 5 Comments

  1. Great tips, I think that I am going to print it and carrie around with me so I can be reminded through the day.

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