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Hi! I’m T.K. Goforth. I’m a Chick. And I can’t sit still. You can see why I can’t sit still (or I will fall asleep) by reading this blog post. So, because of that, I need to be doing SOMETHING. That’s why I’m writing this blog.

The Chick of All Trades

Me and My Boyfriend

A bit about me:

I have my own personal husband (who is also My Boyfriend) and we’ve been married 17 years. We have one male child (J-GQ), who we like to laugh at — whether he likes it or not. We also have a little hound named JoDog, who wags her butt so hard when she sees people that you think she will fling herself into Detroit.

Besides being an author, a musician, a songwriter, and a piano teacher, I am also a photographer, a gardener, a computer nerd, a cooker, a baker, a candy maker, a traveler, a Starbucks-grande-mocha-no-foam-no-whip fiend, an activist, a soul sister, and a lover of God (who gives us all good things to enjoy!)

This is a blog about what I like and my life’s adventures as a Chick (as opposed to a “Chump”, as My Boyfriend and I like to call ourselves).

Go ahead and browse through my site — and leave me comments!  Here are the descriptions of each page:

Chick’s Tips (What WORKS, and what DOESN’T WORK): Tips on things that I’ve found that WORK, and things that don’t. This could be anything from things in the home to relationships.

Chicky Feed (All of this Chick’s favorite food nummies): Cooking, Baking, Candy-making! Recipes, tips and photos. Num.

Home-ly Chick (A Chick at Home — Painting Rooms and Decorating): This page includes some of my projects, tips and “finds” for the home. At least for my home. That I like.

Chick ‘N Garden (For the Tropically Challenged): I love to garden, and have a tropical garden in my backyard. This page includes photos, tips, identification and explanation of tropical plants, and how I have become an expert in Competitive Speed Gardening.

Chicky SCoop (A Chick and her thoughts, confessions, and discoveries — sometimes funny, spiritual, mostly random, but always with a certain amount of grooviness that she just can’t shake): Sometimes, I’ll also have to share embarrassing moments so that they won’t be embarrassing anymore.

Chicky Groovin’ (Things that make this Chick groove): Things I LOVE — from food, people, fashion, to places to visit, to music, to my piano students, to Barney Fife.  I LOVE Barney Fife.  And, I reserve the right to put anything that I love in this page.

Chick ‘N’ SongThis page includes my experiences in teaching piano to “my kiddos”, techniques and tutorials of cool ways of playing, videos of my students’ compositions, fun music videos — really anything musical that I enjoy. I also provide reviews and videos regarding my book, Chord Piano Is Fun.

You can also follow my other blog: “Chord Piano Chick’s Mostly Musical Musings”, if you so desire.  I hope you do.

That’s it! If there is something on here you can use for your life, please do!  And if you know someone who would enjoy this site, please forward it on!

Have fun and God bless,

T.K. Goforth


About This Chick — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Chick ~ LOVE the blog! You are so hilariously creative! I want to see a vid of you and your sister doing that thing you do where you pretend to be speaking to someone, but you are not actually speaking anything understandable. You should video that as a prank and send it into America’s funniest videos! I don’t know how I have completely missed your blog until now, but will come back again and again. Love you!!!!!

    • Hey, Chrissy! Now, that WOULD be funny! AND, I know I can come to you for new blog post ideas… Next time I see my sister, I will try to work it out… OR, maybe I won’t wait until I see my sister and find someone else to hold the camera! Love you!

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