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Bless Your Body I have been meaning to write this post for a long time.  This is going to be serious, chickies.  And dudes.  Because to me, this is serious business.  You need to BLESS YOUR BODY!

There was a time in my life, a few years ago, where I seemed to be spending a lot more time at the doctors’ offices than I ever anticipated or even wanted to.  It seemed I had to have a procedure here, a procedure there, and it seemed to never end!  As I was sitting in the doctors’ offices and spent time at the gigantic Medical Center we have in Houston, I was awestruck (actually, APPALLED) at how many people were needing to see the hundreds of doctors in this area.  It was unbelievable to me!  I couldn’t believe how many people were sick and in need of a physician.  There are even valets at the hospitals and medical clinics to help these thousands of people each day in need of a parking spot in order to see their doctor in one of the immensely tall high-rises.

Somewhere in this time of my life I became very introspective about my health, and even, honestly, the health of others.  I started to think of my mom, who died of cancer at the age of 57.  FAR too young to die.  We all know of someone who has died or “has” this awful disease.  And somewhere in this introspect I came across an article by a neuroscientist who explained that our THOUGHTS actually take up real estate on our GENES and our genes in turn respond to the data that is placed upon them by our thoughts.  She explained that our brains are actually made for LOVE — and that this is well-established by other neuroscientists.  And, since it was created for LOVE, if we do not input love into it, it goes into chaos.

This made TOTAL sense to me.  I know I had heard some of this in the past, especially regarding stress, but I had not heard it this way.  I then started thinking about it:  DISEASE can be defined by itself:  DIS – EASE.  If a person is at “dis – ease” with herself then what is her body to do?

Let me be more specific and in a way that is personal to me.  A woman I loved had always disliked her body.  In fact, she was quite well-endowed and at some time in her life she must have been taunted about it.  As I spent time with her I realized that she really did “curse” this part of her body because she was either ashamed of it for some reason. Guess what?  This woman died of breast cancer.  Her poor body was so at dis-ease with itself.  It’s as if her poor breasts were saying, “I’m not supposed to be here!  My person does not like me!”

Women, in particular have been “trained” to despise themselves to some degree.  The media has a lot to do with this, as does the way we, both men and women, talk about ourselves.  We talk about our figures as “our bodies”, or we hear comments such as “Oh, that girl has a great body” if she is well-endowed or nicely shaped.  If we are not blessed this way, we think to ourselves that we do not have a great body, when in fact we may not have a great “figure.”  SO WHAT.  I want you to get something through your heads:  YOU HAVE A GREAT BODY!  It works for you and has kept you alive!  You can go where you want.  You can love.  You can give.  You can walk.  You can eat.  You can enjoy your family, friends, activities.  It may not be able to do EVERYTHING you want it to do, but your body has been GOOD to you!

What you say to your body or believe about your body can make you well, or it can make you sick.  If you are, like me, who always had an issue about they way my body “looked”, then do this — even through gritted teeth if you have to:  BLESS YOUR BODY.  When you are looking at yourself in the mirror and tempted to say something negative to yourself or complain about something about your body, STOP NOW.  Do not curse yourself.  Then say, “Bless you, body.  You have been good to me.”   Repeat it. Over and over if you have to. Repeat this EVERY DAY and everytime you think about it. Be AT EASE (not DIS-EASE) with your wonderful body.  It is the only one you have and there are a lot of people who love that person in that body. Don’t let anyone or anything make you a victim to believe your body is anything less than wonderful. Your sickness is NOT a part of you.  Do not say, “My cancer.”  Or “My sickness.”  Sickness does not naturally belong to you.  Do not own it.

I guarantee you — once you start blessing your body, OUT LOUD, WITH YOUR MOUTH, your body will start to heal.  It will start to be at ease with itself once again.  Your body will follow your brain because your brain is the control center of your body.  God KNEW what He was talking about when he inspired Paul to  say, “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”(Philippians 4:8).   He knew how thinking good things would affect YOU.  This is because He loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to destroy ourselves (or others.)  And your body is an excellent, miraculous creation.  It is worthy of giving God praise for, even if at this time in your life you don’t like it.

Since I have been blessing my body, I have been healthier than I have ever been (well, I still am kinda clumsy, but that’s another story!  Haha!)  But, I’m not hard on myself about that, either, like I used to be.  I still have some healing, but I seriously talked myself out of catching a cold and getting a sinus infection a few months ago:  I was getting a cold (it wasn’t allergies) and my colds ALWAYS go into huge raging sinus infections.  As I was laying in my bed, I told myself, “OK, body, you need to mind me… you cannot get a cold, so, white blood cells, start to go work to heal take over where my body is trying to get sick.  You need to line up to the way God made you, healthy, and listen to what I am saying.”  I was actually visualizing it in my mind and was taking charge of my body with my brain.  Guess what?  I woke up the next morning with absolutely NO symptoms.

God gave us fantastically wonderful brains and bodies. To God I say  “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. (Psalm 139:14).  You are, too. BLESS YOUR BODY.



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