Chicks (uh…50-Something Year Old Women With The Exception of Two of Them) Just Want To Have Fun — Trick Photography

Trick Photography - Chicky Staircase Had a great time on this year’s “Chicky Getaway” in Destin, Florida.  NO BETTER PLACE to have “chick time” than there IMOPO (in my own personal opinion). We’ve also called it “Diva Days” or “Chicky Goddess Weekend”, but whatever we call it, it is great to break out of the grind!  During our stay, I tried out some more of my trick photography.

At the condo where we stay, there is this fantastic stairwell that we’ve gotten a lot of use out of.  I make sure the chicks know that we will be having our “photo shoot” there so that I can make my “Chicky Collage.”  I make sure that I have my camera situated correctly on the tripod so that I get three floors worth of the staircase in view and then just let the chickys go at it.  It’s a hoot watching everyone run up and down floors and trying to find where they are going to end up next.

 When they are done, then it’s my turn and I hand over the camera remote to another chick who takes several of me so that I can be in the collage, too (you know I don’t want to miss out on any attention….)

It takes time to get to the finished product, but I learned how to put it together in the ebook “Trick Photography” by Evan Sharboneau.  I must have kicked the tripod a little out of whack as I was moving to my position on the staircase, but with a little bit of adjustment I was able to line up the photos ok. Not great, but ok.  Here is an animated GIF file of most of the entire photo session (where you can tell that the photos are not all lined up correctly.  But OH WELL.)  In one of my next posts I will tell you how I created this animation, so be sure to sign up for my posts via email!:



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