Enlarge Facebook Thumbnail Photos with “FB Photo Zoom” ! Works!

enlarge facebook thumbnail photos

When you are on Facebook doing your daily photo browsing, don’t you ever wish you could enlarge your friends’ Facebook thumbnail photos instead of having to go into a photo album and click on each photo to see them?   Hmmm?  I know I did.  But then…

I happened upon something today while checking out addons for Google Chrome (which I use as my default browser), which allows you to HOVER any photo with your mouse and it enlarges the photo.   It’s called “FB Photo Zoom” and you can get it for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox (and it’s FREE!).  Here is the link to the facebook page, which will take you to the link:  http://www.regisgaughan.com/fbphotozoom/.

This is SLICK!   The icon sits at the bottom of the page next to the chat bar, and you can click on it to turn it on and off, and right-click to change the settings.  Now, when I hover over my friends’ photos, they enlarge and I can actually see them the way I want to!

Check it out!


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