Guilty, Guilty JoDog

Guilty JoDog

Guilty Pie Eater

Many of you have already met my hound dog named “JoDog”. She is a 6-year old beagle who LOVES people, and finds the meaning of life when my piano students arrive. You can read more about her HERE.

Most of the time, JoDog is a very good little hound. Quite obedient, actually, and she is not the typical “baying” beagle that loves to hear herself speak.

JoDog has been acting pretty pitiful the last few months, as she has had an issue with either her leg or a hip, and has had a very hard time getting up from laying down, and certainly has not been able to jump. However, recently I’ve been wondering if she has been milking our emotions with her pitiful-ness.

The was confirmed last week while I was gone. When I returned, I found my two cherry pies, which were meant for Teacher’s Appreciation Day, flat on the floor. They were previously on the island in the middle of my kitchen. One had been ripped open with deep dog nose indents.

The guilty party heard me arrive and rounded a corner into the kitchen, bearing her shame and the bright red markings of cherry pie glaze on her snout. She was immediately banished to the backyard — and for several hours. She was only allowed to come inside when one of my piano students, Megan, felt pity on her and begged I let her in.

That night, I confronted JoDog. As you can see, after realizing she was still in deep doo-doo, she tried to make light of the situation by trying to be all cute. Almost worked.

TK Goforth


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