Hey! It’s a Hawk!

Red-Shouldered Hawk My Boyfriend always makes fun of me whenever I see a hawk, because I always say the same thing, “Hey! It’s a hawk!” (Like I’ve never seen one before.)

I have to admit that I am so fascinated by these birds of prey. Maybe it’s because it is a “bird of prey”. (Ooooh, scary! A bird like this living in the same surroundings me!) I’ve never seen one in action (you know, like, eating a little critter), and had not even seen one very up close — only flying off in the distance. But now, we got us one living in our very own suburban neighborhood.

My friend, Lampost Lisa, is here from Seattle and I took my brand new camera along with me on our walk through the neighborhood, because I knew there just might be that chance that we would happen on this lovely creature. And, sure enough, we found him where I’ve always found him — on our neighbor’s fence. These people either feed him, or they have a constant stream of unsuspecting squirrels running through their backyard.

I believe this hawk is the Red-Shouldered Hawk. I’m not a bird expert by any means, so I’m not sure, but from what I can see by the Google images I’m finding, I’m pretty sure this is it. It has a beautiful underside of goldish red.  Here are some more photos:


Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawk

This little hawk sure adds to the intrigue here in our sleepy little neighborhood.  Oh, we also have alligators, but that’s for a different time…

Watch out for Alligators



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