How does your garden grow? This is how mine grows…

I went out and cleaned up a lot of mess outside this morning.  For the past few days I have been taking my time to clean up the dead leaves from the pots I brought outside from the garage.  The good thing is, it looks like Houston will no longer have any more freezes (at least that’s what THEY say).

I will begin to post photos of how my garden grows.  Already I am beginning to see growth from my plants — it doesn’t take long here in Houston.  It’s almost like they are on steroids.

Here you can see how measly the foliage in the pots are. I had to cut them all way back. Most will survive, but some will not. I’m waiting to see…

Before cleanup

After cleanup (sort of — still in progress)

Here are some plants already showing some growth (woo hoo!)

Willow Tree “growthing”

Baby Bromeliad

Passion Flower Vine

Dianthus emerging

Angel Trumpets ALIVE!


Stay tuned to see the progress!



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