How To Touch Up Those Pesky Gray Hairs When You Don’t Have Time To Get Out A Box…WORKS!

OK, chickos.  This is for YOU.  I don’t take any responsibility for the dudes that read this post and scoff.  We don’t care about that, now, do we?

Have you ever planned and looked forward to a nice dinner out with the hubby, or a night with the girls, and while getting ready you discover that those pesky grays in your temples are blaring out loud, “LOOK AT HOW OLD I AM!”  but you don’t have the time to pull out that box of hair color you’ve been meaning to use?

NEVER FEAR!  I discovered a really swift way to save the day.  Get out your eyeshadow.  Hopefully, you are brunette, and hopefully you have a brown shade of eyecolor.  I am brunette and the shade I LOVE to use for this technique is Mary Kay’s “Espresso.”   S’nice.  Or, you can just go the Maybelline route.  I do that, too.

Here’s the trick.  Pull your hair back with a headband.  Get a nice brush (you can actually just use the foam one that comes with any old eyeshadow.  (With Mary Kay eyeshadow, you can actually wet it and it goes on even better.  Or, I apply it when my hair is still wet after getting out of the shower).

You can also apply this to your part, too, if you’ve got some stray whites up there.





And, voila!  Your grays are camouflaged and you are back to your confident, groovin’, chicky self!

Have fun tonight! (But, be sure not to leave home without your lipstick.)





How To Touch Up Those Pesky Gray Hairs When You Don’t Have Time To Get Out A Box…WORKS! — 1 Comment

  1. Tammy, you are so clever! I will share that tip with my fellow Mary Kayers. Thanks SO much for showcasing me. xoxo

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