“I Can’t Get My Printer To Print And I Need To NOW!” This May Help…

Angry computer ladyIs that YOU saying that?  I know it HAS been me, and before I discovered this, it was SO frustrating when I couldn’t get the printer to print — even if it just did a few hours earlier!

If you are having this issue, and you have rebooted the computer and/or turned the printer on and off, give this a try (this is for Windows runners):

Go to your “Control Panel” (click the Start Button, then Control Panel)

Go to “Administrative Tools”.

Go to “Services” in the right hand column.  Double click it to open it.

Scroll down to “Print Spooler” in the right hand column. Click this once.

Once you click it and a new box opens, click “Stop the Service” in the left hand column.

As soon as you see that it has completed this action, then click “Start the Service.”

Many times this will work and remove your frustration.  I hope so!  I hate it when I’m frustrated.



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