I Wanna Be the First to Have a Hummer…

No, and I don’t mean the SUV.  I already have me a pretty cool yellow Toyota FJ.

Red Throated Hummingbird

What I’m talking about are the northern migrating red-throated hummingbirds which arrive in Houston about this time — early April — and are here until about the middle of May.  I haven’t seen any as of this writing, but I’m getting ready to prepare my hummingbird feeders.

You may want to do this, as well, and if you have never had hummingbird feeders in your yard and if you choose to now you are in for a treat.  Here is the “formula” for making hummingbird “nectar”.

Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and heat the solution for a few minutes to help the sugar dissolve.  This also helps to keep the water from fermenting, and in this Houston heat and help we can get is good.  I personally use distilled water because our water here has a lot of chemicals and I want it as pure as possible.

Pour the formula into clean feeders using a funnel.  I like the 20 oz. “Perky Pet” feeders.   I use several feeders in my yard which I hang on garden hooks. I think I’ll go out and get more.  The more of these little babies I have in my yard the better.

Hummingbird and hibiscus If you want to take photos, find a little place in your garden to sit and wait once you see the hummers arrive.  They also love salvia, which my garden is packed full of.  They also feed from some of the butterfly plants in the yard, as well as my gigantic hybrid hibiscus.

The hummers will come back, as well, on their southern migration.  We’ll get there here in Houston in August through sometime in October.

So, head on out to your friendly neighborhood Home Depot and pick up a few hummingbird feeders.  Don’t spend the money on the red nectar they sell next to the feeders — I can’t believe that the red food coloring would be good for them.  Let me know if you get any hummers!

Hummingbird Feeder





I Wanna Be the First to Have a Hummer… — 2 Comments

  1. Hey T.K., looks like you really are active in the blogger world again. 🙂
    I’m really happy to see you are back to blogging. I thought I just check out your blog if maybe you continued and there you are! Hope everything is going well on your end.

    I haven’t seen one single hummer in my yard this “spring”. very unusual in compare to other years. There were never as many hummers visiting my feeders in the spring time as there were in the fall but at least some. This year… zero…none…nada. I have no idea why not.
    I’m using the same mixture for my hummingbird feeders as you do.

    Will swing by here more often again since I know you continued your garden blog and hope to see more posts from you again T.K.
    Best Regards and Happy Gardening
    Paula Jo

    • Hi, Paula Jo! So good to hear from you! I have not seen any hummers, either! I’m not sure if I got the feeders out too late, or they just decided not to stop by. A friend of mine says she has a lot in Denver. They flew right by us! Let’s hope they make up for it in the fall! I always have more then, too — let’s hope it’s LOTS more!

      I’ve been taking a lot of garden photos, but have not had a chance to post them yet. Since we didn’t get a freeze, my garden is spectacular. The best ever at this point.

      How is your business going? I hope you are well, and it’s so very good to hear from you! I will keep in touch!

      God bless,


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