I want me some TACO TIME!

Taco Time Now, that doesn’t mean that I want to go out with a taco and spend some time with it and find out what it is feeling.  I could care less.  I want to EAT one.  And, not just ANY taco (or burrito, in my case.)  I am talking about going to the real, true, long-time favorite fast-food  restaurant of mine — TACO TIME!  Woo hoo!

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest (and a few parts of California, mind you), you know what I’m talking about.  Those Casita Burritos are to DIE FOR.  Well, I wouldn’t DIE for them, but my child is alive today because I craved them while I was pregnant.  Had several every week.  In fact, I craved even the jalepenos I loaded them up with.  I had so many Casita Burritos, that I began calling the child in my womb “My Little Burrito.”

I also found refuge at Taco Time when my mom was sick with a long-term illness.  I would take a break from the situation to get my head cleared and go spend a few hours at our neighborhood Taco Time.  (You in Issaquah know which one.)  I had never eaten by myself or enjoyed it before, but I didn’t mind — I was at Taco Time.

My first experience with Taco Time was when my dad would take me and my mom and three sisters to Alki Point in Seattle.  I believe that was one of the first Taco Times ever built.  And, that was YEARS ago.  And, I think it is still there.  Am I right, my Taco-Time-loving friends?

But, alas, now I live in Texas.  And, there are NO Taco Times here.  What is UP with THAT?  So, the only way I am going to get one is to head back on up to the Pacific Northwest and find one.  I think I’ll take J-GQ with me, because he loves Taco Time, too.

Watch out Taco Time — it may happen sooner than you think.  And none too soon for me!





I want me some TACO TIME! — 2 Comments

  1. My first job was at Taco Time. I had to sign a secrecy disclosure where I promised never, ever to reveal the recipe that makes the meat so dang yummy. (And I never have… because I’m pretty sure no one wants the recipe for 20 lbs. of heavenly ground beef.) Still, when I go back home I make it a “MUST DO” on my list to visit the Taco Time where I worked in high school, and order at least two (OK, sometimes three) DEEP FRIED MEAT BURRITOS-WITH EXTRA SAUCE-THANK YOU.

    OK. Now you know.

    I am humbled.

    But not sorry.

    (Thanks for sharing this memory. Now I am hungry.)

    • Oh, man, Amy! I wish you hadn’t told me that! Just KNOWING there is someone with the secret is going to make me crazy!

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