Jammin’ on the Keyboard…

improvisationAs a life-long musician, I have always loved to “jam”. Whether with my three sisters making up and singing nonsensical songs and trying to outdo each other, to gathering with friends with their banjos and guitars, to making up new verses to “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater” or “Chopstix” on the piano with my oldest sister, or later in life, with my jazz combo buddies and coming up with a great rendition of “Fever” or “Summertime”. It’s always been great fun to me. Maybe that’s just because I’m a big fat ham.

This year I gave my piano students the opportunity to “jam”. In a more professional sense, it might be called “improvisation.” Whatever you would like to call it, the kids (and parents) completely enjoyed themselves. At first, the students were a little nervous about the prospect of getting up in front of a room full of people and playing something they didn’t even know they would be playing — off the cuff. But, after doing a bit of in in our rehearsal prior to the recital, the kids realized that they COULD do this, and they would LOVE it! I had one student on the accompaniment, while one student after the other came up to “cut in” to jam. As you can see, a few other students also wanted to play the accompaniment.

I hope you enjoy their efforts by watching the following video!

TK Goforth


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