Macro Photography — In My Garden by T.K. Goforth

I have just published my first photography book and wanted to share it with you all.  It is a book of macro photography called “In My Garden”.

This book is a “labor of love” for me as it captures what I see in my wonderful tropical garden.  My garden has given me a passion not only for photography (because of the never-ending vastness of subjects) but a greater sense of who and what God is.

The book can be purchased through Blurb, and you can also find discount codes for this book (as well as any other Blurb book) by following this link to MattsPhotobooks:  BLURB DISCOUNTS.

Click on the book to find out more and to see a preview (well, actually, you can see the book in its entirety.) This might be something you purchase for your own coffee table (if you love nature like I do), or as a gift for someone you care about.

In My Garden Macro Photography .


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