My Red Door

Red door I’ve always wanted a RED DOOR .  I would have it on my front door, if I could, but our H-O-A says N-O N-O.  So, I had the back door painted, which leads out to my tropical garden.  I love this Red Door.

A friend of mine said that it reminds him of a British phone booth.

Another friend says that when she sees this it reminds her of Elizabeth Arden.  I guess Elizabeth likes Red Doors, too.  Or, at least she likes to smell like a Red Door.

As you can see, JoDog likes it, too.  Or, maybe she is dreaming that once the door opens she might receive a nice snack from the Opener Of The Red Door.  Wishful thinking.




My Red Door — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve always wanted a red door. There’s something about a red door that say, “I’m awesome! Welcome! Come in and hang out with me!” Also, the fact that yours looks like a telephone booth would be a huge bonus to my three boys….super hero changaroo!

    • Haha! Love it, Joleen! I’m sure your boys could figure out some great use for it! I tell you, just walking through the red door makes me happy.

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