One Remarkable Poem

 A poem entitled:

A Poem I Wrote To My Friend Lisa, Who Is a Former Roommate, and Who Has A Son Who Is Two Months Older Than My Son, And We Have Another Ex-Roommate Named Laurie Who Also Has A Son Who Was Born Between Lisa’s Son and My Son and Who Are All Big Boys Now

I wonder if you saw those pics
Of our boys who played with sticks,
They are so cute and so much fun
…I’m sure glad I got me one!
They’re growing up and getting big,
And soon will eat just like a pig,
And grow so big and tall and strong
Just like we knew all along.
They make us laugh our buttsies off
And when I laugh it makes me cough
(I gotta get that problem fixed,
And taking Nexium should do the trick),
They will soon be liking girls,
Which will make us want to hurl,
And they will want to take our car
And we will wonder where they are.
They will soon go out on dates
And make us stay up late to wait.
But if they find a girl like us
We’ll know it was worth all the fuss.

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