Paradise is Still Blooming

I’m sitting here on facebook, reading about how my Seattle friends are experiencing their first snowstorm of the winter.  WAIT!  IT’S NOT WINTER!!! 

Monarch Butterfly on Blue Mist

It’s so weird to me that they are getting so much snow up there — when I was growing up we hardly EVER had snow. How did you guys DO that?  I could never figure out how to make it snow when I wanted to.  Last year was crazy with snow, and this year it looks like it might be the same.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love an occasional snowstorm.  But, in NOVEMBER?  As my friend, Terri, posted:  “This is insane!”  I hope all of my friends stay safe up there!  Maybe you can at least enjoy the sun by osmosis…

Batface (Cuphea)

Bird of Paradise
Queen Butterfly

Right now in Houston,we are still experiencing a balmy, sunny season.  Today I went on a lovely walk with my spanky new Skechers Shapers (you gotta get some of those) around one of the neighborhood lakes.  It was perfect weather, a little breezy, and still warm, but not humid.


Rabbit Ears (Acanthaceae)
Gerbera Daisy

In the garden, my flowers are still bearing their lovely heads and going gangbusters.  (Which means I still have to water…) The only one that seems to want to take it’s winter nap at the moment is my Hybrid Hibiscus.  The Bird of Paradise is still going strong, (with 4 blooms and one more still to shine), as is the Bougainvillea, the Alamanda, the Knock Out Roses, the Ruellia, the Rabbit Ears, the Blue Mist, and the Gerbera Daisies.  I’m sure there are more, but it’s dark outside and I can’t see them right now.  Just going by memory.  Not only that, but the butterflies are butterflying, and the toad frogs are still toad frogging. 

I’m know it’s paradise to snow lovers (and most in Seattle) to have the snow and cold weather and it’s a welcome sight.  I love snow, but I love the sun shining in my window even more.  Of course, once it gets closer to winter, the snow might be a welcome scene to behold in Texas (it does happen — it did last year!)  But, right now I am just going to enjoy the psuedo tropics here in my little sliver of paradise.

Oh.  P.S.  It’s supposed to freeze here this weekend.  Go figure.

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