The BEST Garden Hose EVER!

You wouldn’t think that getting a new garden hose would be a reason for celebration.  But, at MY house yesterday, the cheering could be heard for miles away.

It all happened last night.  You see, as a gardener, I don’t really ask for much.  A few good tools here and there would be nice.  That’s all.  OH!  And a GOOD, KINK-FREE garden hose!  Hey, now that’s an idea!!!  How HARD can it be to find a garden hose that is not so heavy you need a wheel barrow to cart it around, or that doesn’t kink when you turn 3 feet to your right?

Kink Free Garden Hose by Tuff-Guard

Well, I FINALLY FOUND it!!  And, after using my brand new hose I came unglued — in a good way!  I tell you — this thing is PERFECT!  (And, it’s kinda pretty, too, but I digress…)  It’s called the TUFF-GUARD Perfect Garden Hose (who knew?)!  And, it is all the beautiful things you are looking for when you dream about a garden hose — KINK-FREE, maximum flow, extra flexible, and ultra lightweight.  You could even tie this thing in a knot if you wanted to.  (I really don’t have a need to do this, but you might!  Have a go!)

Another great thing about this is that I didn’t have to scour the hardware stores of Houston to find it —  I found it on — and if you have a Prime Account (which I LOVE, by the way), you get free 2-day shipping!  So, mine arrived just in time to water after the last rain (since I had thrown my other “lovely” hose in the trash when I had my last straw with it.)  You gotta love that!

Oh, TUFF-GUARD Perfect Garden Hose, I am so happy I found you!  I really wish I had found you sooner!  That way, my family would not have to constantly put up with me coming into the house looking like I had just come in from a wrestling match in which my hose had won.  Oh, no!  Now I win!  And it’s because of YOU, YOU, YOU!



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  1. Hi, Am wondering now that you have had the Tuff hose for a while are you still pleased with it? Has it developed leaks in the hose or the fittings? Does it stand up to sun exposure? Thanks.

    • Hi, Mona! Thank you for writing!

      I AM still very pleased with it and will buy it again. My first one was fantastic and I used it most every day for over a year and a half. However, it was way too long and it did wind up (did not kink) and I didn’t take time to unwind it because it was just too long (like I would typically do with a standard hose). Because of this, it did develop a bubble that burst once I pulled it through a spot where it shouldn’t go. Dumb me. The 2nd one I got just recently and the top fitting came off with the watering attachment I had and I think it was a faulty hose. I believe they would be willing to replace it, but I have moved and left the hose there (it happened right before I moved) and now I don’t have need of a hose. They do have a page on facebook, and have responded to a question I have had, so you may want to find out what they offer for a warranty. Like I said, I believe they would have replaced it. I honestly still think it is the best hose ever — I was always so frustrated with the kinking of standard hoses and this was like heaven in that regard.

      God bless!


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