Trick Photography — A Smokin’ Hot Apple!

I posted on my post yesterday that I would try trick photography to create a smoking apple, and here it is!  I did this using the techniques of Evan Sharboneau and his ebook:  Trick Photography and Special Effects.  This is one of the best I’ve seen on trick photography using a DSLR, and he provides videos to go along with it.  MOST of the tricks DO NOT require Photoshop (which is great because I don’t have it), but he offers tips on other programs you can get that are cheaper (you are my hero!)

I am pretty much a novice photographer, although I LOVE photography and want to know more about my camera.  Evan teaches this as he shows fun, creative tricks and KEWL ways to use your camera.  I’ve only touched the surface of what he has to offer, and already it is well worth the cost.  Check it out and I know you won’t be sorry — cheaper than photography classes and well put together!

Smoking Apple



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