What Would The World Be Like If Christians Followed Jesus?

question makrWhat would the world be like if Christians followed Jesus’ teachings?

If they let people know that Jesus did not condemn them but came to save and give life?

If they offered the same grace to others that Jesus gave them?

If they rose above the pettiness of political, religious, or social controversies?

If they prayed for those considered their “enemies” — and with the heart of God, not a heart of disdain?

If they turned the other cheek?

If they did not respond with argument and self-righteousness but realize it’s the Lord’s kindness that leads people to Jesus — not their own persuasion?

If they realize that Jesus never concerned himself with kingdom of the world matters, but got about the business of directing people to his Father and his redemption, forgiveness and grace?

If they look at the condition of their own hearts instead of focusing on the hearts and motivations of others?

If they acted toward others with integrity and character?

If they realize that Jesus hated hypocrisy more than pretty much anything?

If they calmly disregarded the flinging of words and accusations of judgment even if wrongly accused?

If they presented Jesus as he is — the powerful redeemer, not the ultimate judge?

If they stood their ground in their convictions, but did not attack, judge, or slander those who disagreed with them?  And, gave themselves permission not to?

If they loved each other as a family, realizing that people will see Jesus when Christians start loving and quit fighting with each other (even if they may not like them very much or agree with their “doctrine”)?

If they didn’t quote scripture to try to prove their angle?

If they did not deride, judge, try to destroy, or rile back at those who accused, dismissed, spoke vilely of, cursed, or mocked them or their God?  And, gave themselves permission not to?

If they admitted they are human and need Jesus more than anyone?

If they loved people (I didn’t say just “tolerate”) regardless of their race, religion, culture, political slant, social standing, philosophical views, values, or sexuality, even if they did not agree with them?

If they individually gave to the poor and helped others in need because they love them and care about them and their well-being?

If they just let Jesus live through them?

What would it be like?

Hey, and I’m talking to myself here.  I’m wondering…




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  1. Just read this, Awesome!!!! Thanks. I see you and Connie are sisters. My ex told her next time he saw her she better look older. She looks the same as when we last saw her.,

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